the discount fabric

I finally decided what to do with the discount fabrics I get.  Right now I’m limited to 50 items on the store web site.  But I have quite a bit of fabric that I purchased at a deep discount.  They’re what’s called “flat folds.”  It’s the same fabric you’ll find in stores but it’s the end of the roll after they’ve wound all the bolts.  Fabric comes from the manufacturer on 100 yard rolls and the distributor winds it on 15 yard bolts.  100 does not divide evenly by 15 so there’s always some short yardage left.  So they sell it at a huge discount.  

I’ll be putting the deep discount fabrics on Etsy as I get pics taken of them.  The Etsy shop is

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Spring Sale!

Spring has sprung and to celebrate I put the whole Spring Blossom category on sale.



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More fabric!

I love it when the UPS truck comes!  I bought 13 more bolts of fabric and got 8 of them put up on the website this morning.  The first two pics are two of the new fabrics in the Spring Blossom line and the last two are Timeless Treasures prints.



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quilt backings



I added 7 quilt backings to the website yesterday. Four of them have a batik look but they’re regular prints so the price is a lot more reasonable. I haven’t decided which is my favorite yet. The ones with the viny – floraly print are really gorgeous too.

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The website is up and running!! It took a lot more hassle than it really should have. The whole banking thing was a huge pain but it’s finally solved.


I don’t have the batiks up yet and I’ll be ordering several fabrics on Friday.

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Now I’m annoyed

I can’t get into the dashboard for this blog anymore.  I started another blog for my webstore using the same email addy.  <sigh>

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The Gallery – Illusions

These are really great blenders for when you want color but no pattern.  These are the colors I have right now.  If you need a color and I don’t have it let me know and I can order it if it’s available.

The Illusions are $11.75 a yard.  

To order leave a comment and I’ll contact you by email.



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