Coming Soon!!

My new internet shop is becoming a reality!

I’ve ordered 30 bolts of fabric to start my shop.  As it comes in I’ll start posting thumbnails of what I have in stock.  Right now I can take Paypal for internet ordering and cash or checks for in person purchases.  I don’t intend for my shop to ever be open to the public so only the people that I actually know will be able to shop in person at my house.

I think for shipping I’m just going to figure out a basic fee for so many yards per order to simplify email orders for now.


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3 Responses to Coming Soon!!

  1. nanayane says:

    massive congrats! can’t wait to shop! tell me you’ll be getting flannel / cute baby-kids fabric too!

  2. I’m a follower of yours on this site. I’ll keep my eyes out for fabric I like. Jeanne

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